Pakistan Air Force Retired Officers' Association (PAFROA) Pakistan Air Force Retired Officers' Association (PAFROA)



The name of the Association is "Central Pakistan Air Force Retired Officers' Association" abbreviated "Central PAFROA" Islamabad hereinafter referred to as the Central Association. The Central PAFROA has its four Regional chapters at Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi and Peshawar. The office of the Association is situated at Sector E-9 PAF Complex Air Headquarters (Directorate of Welfare) Islamabad. In 2001 Central PAFROA was registered with Govt for a period of six months. In 2004 Central PAFROA got registered with Govt permanently.

Composition of Central PAFROA:

The composition of the Central PAFROA (General Body) will be as under:

Patron -in- Chief:

Chief of the Air Staff


Deputy Chief of the Air Staff (Admin)

Ex-Officio Members from AHQ
Assistant Chief of the Air Staff (Admin)
Director Medical Services (Air)
Provost Marshal
Director of Pension
Director of Education
Rep of Shaheen Foundation

Members from PAFROA
Presidents and Secretaries of Regional PAFROAs.
Two retired Officers from each Regional PAFROAs.

Director of Welfare

Organizational Structure of Central PAFROA

The organizational structure of Central PAFROA is as under:-

Aims and Objectives

The aims and objectives for which the Central Association is established are as follows:-


Central PAFROA provides a central platform for addressing queries / problems forwarded by its Regional Chapters. An annual meeting is also conducted at AHQ to review the progress on points referred to Central PAFROA. The Central Association is being run on non-commercial, non-political basis. It provides updated information to retired personnel through regional chapters which may be useful in their post retirement rehabilitation.

Meetings at Central PAFROA

Meeting of Central PAFROA is held once in a year or as desired by the Chairman and extra ordinary meeting may be held any time if regional chapters request for it (Subject to the chairman approval). Secretary Central PAFROA exchanges correspondence on behalf of the Chairman and keeps close liaison with regional PAFROAs. Where necessary, Secretary Central PAFROA consults concerned ex officio members of Air Headquarters to obtain their expert views for taking appropriate action. Till date 14 Central PAFROA meetings have been conducted at Air Headquarters.

Membership at Central Level

Central PAFROA only comprises ex-officio and designated members. Regional PAFROA members will not be the member of Central PAFROA except President and Secretary.

Relation with Regional PAFROAs

The Chairman exercises coordination on the working of the regional PAFROAs through respective Presidents / Secretaries. Any help sought by the PAFROA chapters is given due consideration with in the existing legal framework. Decision of the Chairman is honored by all concerned.