Pakistan Air Force Retired Officers' Association (PAFROA) Pakistan Air Force Retired Officers' Association (PAFROA)



In order to address the problems of retired officers regional PAFROA chapters are established at Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar and Rawalpindi respectively.

Composition of Regional PAFROAs

The composition of the Regional PAFROAs (general body) will be as under:-

Vice President
Joint Secretary
Finance Secretary
Member Administration
Member Publicity and Public Relations
All members

Organizational Structure of Regional PAFROAs

The organizational structure of Regional PAFROA is as under:-

Aims and Objectives of Regional Associations

The aims and objectives of Regional Associations are:-

General Body

The General Body of the Association shall be composed of the members who are not in the default of their annual subscriptions. It shall be the supreme Governing body of the Association.

Duties and Functions of the General Body
The General Body shall oversee the implementation of the policies of the Association.
To consider and approve the annual report of activities of the association.
To approve the budget as prepared by the Executive Committee in consultation and guidance from the President.


Assembly of voting members once a year to transact any business of the Regional Association shall be named General Body Meeting. Such meetings shall be convened by the residents periodically or as and when required by giving 10 days notice in all cases.

Extraordinary General Body Meeting

An Extra-ordinary Meeting of the General Body may be held at any time for a specific purpose on the written requisition duly signed by not less than one third of the total strength of voting members. Addressed to the President, who shall convene such a meeting within 15 days of the receipt of such requisition. An Extraordinary General Body Meeting shall be confined to the matter for which it has been requisitioned or convened.

Quorum for General Body Meeting

The requirement of quorum for various General Body Meetings shall be as follows:-

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee will be elected for 02 years in the General Body Annual Meeting. There is no restriction on re-election of any member after completion of the tenure. The Executive Committee shall consist of the following:-

Vice President
Joint Secretary
Finance Secretary
Member Administration
Member Publicity and Public Relations

Duties and Functions of the Executive Committee:-

The executive Committee shall in consultation and advice of the President will exercise the following powers:-

Executive Committee Meeting

Meetings of the Executive Committee shall be held as and when decided by the President but at least once in three months. Any member who fails to attend two consecutive meetings without any valid reason would cease to be a member of Executive Committee. Leave of the absence of a member of the Executive Committee will be recorded in the minutes of the meeting.

Quorum of Executive Committee Meeting

Majority of the total strength of the office-bearers of the Executive Committee including President / Vice President and Secretary / Joint Secretary will form the quorum of the Executive Committee.


The Chief of the Air Staff, Pakistan Air Force is the Patron-in Chief of the Central Association. However, following will act as patrons of the regional Association:-

Membership (Membership Policy, Category of Membership)

Regular Membership
Regular Membership may be granted to eligible officers on the following conditions:-

An application giving full particulars may be submitted on plain paper or prescribed form to the secretary of the Regional chapter of association.

Application undertakes to abide by the Memorandum and Articles of the Regional Association.

Entry/Annual membership fee may be charged as per the decision of Regional Executive Committee after the due approval of General Body meeting. Similarly the amount of life membership be decided by the Executive Committee of the chapter.

Life Membership
Any eligible retired officer who is eligible to become regular member and pays Rs 3,000/- as fee along with the application for life membership to the Secretary of Regional PAFROA shall be eligible to become a life member.

Honorary Membership
The following would be conferred honorary membership when nominated by the President. Such members would not be charged any subscription fee:-

Those who have rendered distinguished services for the cause of health, welfare and development of all retired service including PAF, PN, Pak Army, Para Military Forces, Civil Police, and all retired civil servant of Federal / Provincial Govts and other Senior Citizens of Pakistan.

Widows of PAF officers who had been the members of the Regional PAFROAs.


Every retired officer of Pakistan Air Force who is committed to the cause of Regional PAFROAs and endorses their aims and objectives is eligible to become a member of PAFROA.


Officers dismissed from the service, blacklisted by service Headquarters, convicted by Court of law for an offence involving moral turpitude etc are not eligible for membership.

Suspension / Removal / Termination of Membership

Any member who fails to pay annual membership subscription or other dues within 60 days of the due date shall be suspended from the membership by the President. Subsequently, after giving him 30 days notice, if the dues are not cleared, the membership may be terminated by the President.

Any member who acts in contravention of the aims and objectives of the Regional Association and / or grossly misbehaves, which includes deliberate act to hinder smooth working of the Regional Association may be suspended from the membership by the concerned President Regional PAFROA. In such cases, the member will be served with a show cause notice and asked to clarify his position within 15 days of the receipt of the notice. In case the member fails to respond or clarify his position to the satisfaction of the Executive Committee, his membership will be terminated.

The membership shall automatically cease in the event of resignation or death of the member. However, the widow of the deceased member of Regional PAFROA will continue to get the legitimate life time support.

Restoration of Membership

A member whose membership was suspended / terminated or who had resigned from membership may be re-admitted as member with the approval of the Executive Committee on written request of the individual concerned.

Entry Fee / Annual Subscription / Other Charges

All members regional PAFROA shall be required to pay in advance the Entry Fee / Annual Subscription as approved from time to time by the Executive Committee of the Association by the stipulated date. Members shall also be liable to pay any other charges approved by the Executive Committee.

Retired officers who were in the service of the Air Force before 14th August, 1947 will be exempted from the Entry Fee. However, they shall be required to pay the Annual Subscription for membership.

In case of restoration of membership, the applicant will not be required to pay entry fee. However, he shall be required to clear dues, if any.

Life Member shall be exempted from payment of Entry Fee and Annual Subscription.