Pakistan Air Force Retired Officers' Association (PAFROA) Pakistan Air Force Retired Officers' Association (PAFROA)

Rehablitation of PAF Retired Officers



The Rehabilitation of retired Pakistan Air Force (PAF) Officers, Junior Commissioned Officers (JCOs) and Airmen has always been a matter of great concern for the PAF. In order to accommodate the ever increasing number of aspirants for rehabilitation and ensure judicial selection, a Rehabilitation Cell was established in March, 1997. The aim of this cell is to implement the rehabilitation policy in respect of retired officers in its true letter and spirit. A waiting list is maintained by this Cell according to the SOD dates of retiring officers. Personnel Branch explores avenues for re-employment in Govt/Semi Govt Departments and Fauji Foundation, while Shaheen Foundation explores employment opportunities in private enterprises and abroad. Selection of officers is based on point system as well as suitability for the job.

Registration of Officers

PAF personnel desirous of seeking post retirement employment through the PAF are required to register themselves with Rehabilitation Cell, Personnel Branch. The registration is made by filling in the specified Post Retirement Rehabilitation Bio-data Form which may be obtained from Rehab Cell Per Branch AHQ Islamabad.

Point System

In order to accord greater transparency and balance to the Rehab Policy, a point system has been instituted where weightage is given to various factors like number of years in service, privileges availed during service, deputations, compensations and performance earned during the service career. Selection factors have been accorded some numerical values, so that the aspirants scoring maximum points are automatically selected for the slot in the required rank. However, compassionate cases even when not on top of the list are also given due consideration at the discretion of Chief of the Air Staff (CAS) and Vice Chief of the Air Staff (VCAS). The point system has been proved very effective in decision making in majority of the cases.

Criteria for Selection

The criteria for the selection of an officer against any slot is appended below:-

Procedure for Selection and Nomination

Selection and nomination of personnel is done in accordance with the following procedure:-

Period of Employment

Initially, officers are re-employed for a period of two years extended by another one year. However, in some cases officers are retained in Shaheen Foundation beyond 03 years provided no officer with requisite qualification, experience and managerial skill is available on the waiting list.